Prom Dress Giveaway


Faith is playing host to an incredible project AMEN house is doing for our community. Hundreds of prom dresses have been collected, cleaned, and organized so that every young woman in Scott County can have a special prom night. Students can come to the gym to try on dresses and find the right one for them for free! There are even some shoes and accessories available. Several people from Faith and the larger community have volunteered to make this possible and are thrilled with how it’s going. The first weekend 30 dresses were given away, with the hope that more will be claimed Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19. This is such a great example of us working with partner organizations sharing assets and resources to do something truly special for people in our community.

There’s been a lot of news coverage about this event. Here’s an article from Spectrum News with more information.


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March 16, 2022

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