Who We Are

Faith Baptist Church is a nurturing family of caring believers trying to follow Christ as we do life together.

We have a rich heritage that serves as a strong foundation, but are always looking for new ways to be the body of Christ. At Faith, we take the moniker “family of faith” seriously. Our members build lifelong relationships centered on love, care, and respect. As with any family, sometimes we disagree, but as a Baptist church, we understand that each believer is free to read and interpret the scriptures for ourselves, guided by the Holy Spirit. This diversity of thought only enriches our pursuit of God, and ultimately that pursuit is what matters. We desire a meaningful relationship with the divine that impacts how we live our lives. This inspires our robust service both locally and internationally and causes us to constantly ask how our lives might better reflect the will of God for the world.

Statement of Welcome

We believe that God, Creator of all people, placed God’s own image in each person, and that Jesus welcomes all who receive him as Lord and Savior to be disciples, and that the Holy Spirit gifts believers to serve in a myriad of ways.
Therefore, compelled by the triune God’s boundless love, we joyfully welcome and affirm people of every race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, marital status, ability level, education level, socioeconomic status, and religious background into full membership in the life and ministry of our church.
We welcome and encourage all members to participate in the lifelong blessings and ordinances of our congregation such as communion, baptism, marriage, family/child dedication, ordination, and all offices and positions of leadership.
We pledge to support our staff as they carry out these ordinances and blessings.
As Christians in the Baptist tradition, we commit to love each other despite our differences. No member’s full participation in our community binds anyone else’s conscience on an issue about which they may differ.
We are a family of faith, sharing God’s love in a spirit of hope.

Our Core Practices

  • Communal Worship: We are committed to pursuing spiritual growth through meaningful, active participation in communal worship opportunities.
  • Christian Education: We are committed to pursuing spiritual growth through meaningful, active participation in education opportunities and communal study.
  • Shared Life: We are committed to pursuing spiritual growth through meaningful, active sharing with others the difficulties and achievements encountered in seeking to live a disciplined life in the love of Christ.


  • Stewardship: We are committed to pursuing spiritual growth through the thoughtful use of all income and possessions for the support of God’s kingdom, including some form of systematic and perhaps sacrificial giving to support our church.
  • Personal Worship: We are committed to pursuing spiritual growth through some personally meaningful daily experience of communion with God.
  • Service: We are committed to pursuing spiritual growth through making some portion of personal time available in compassionate reaching out to serve and love others in our church, our daily life, and our community. 


To celebrate our 60th anniversary, our friend Molly Fulton created a documentary capturing our church’s story. Watch below to hear the stories that made us who we are and how they continue to shape who we are becoming.

Our Partners

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

CBF Kentucky

Baptist World Alliance

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

Together for Hope Appalachia

Amen House

The Gathering Place Mission

Elizabeth’s Village

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