Storytelling Workshop

Stories are one of the most sacred forms of expression we have.  Universally beloved, they carry truths that facts cannot bare, sharing the dreams and desperations of our existence since creation. Our whole faith, our whole world, is built on stories. Whether we know it or not, every day we are storytellers, sharing our stories with the world around us. 

At our Lenten Storytelling Workshop, we will explore how we might better engage with stories in our lives. There will be three seminars for you to attend hosted by storytelling experts from our congregation who are willing to share their craft with us.

This workshop is free and breakfast will be provided. Please register below if you plan to attend so that we can have enough food and supplies. 

Seminar Leaders

Jeff Stone

Jeff is a Communication Professor at Sullivan University. He has multiple communication degrees and over 20 years of experience teaching people how to communicate. He also happens to be one of the most eccentric people you’ll meet.

Jeff will use his wealth of experience to teach “Voices, Spaces, Movements & Faces: Nonverbal Elements in Communication.” During this seminar, Jeff will share some common communication best practices that will help anyone as they try to communicate in any setting.

Bryan Langlands

Bryan is the Campus Minister at Georgetown College. Bryan has years of engaging storytelling through sermons and lectures.

Bryan will be leading a seminar called “An Introduction to Biblical Storytelling,” based on a class he teaches by the same name. During this seminar, Bryan will share how to internalize and dramatically share stories from the Bible in a meaningful and engaging way. 

Jawanna Herd

Jawanna is a retired science teacher, poet, author, and artist. Her work has been featured in several poetry collections and art exhibits and her most recent work, a children’s book, is scheduled to be published in a few months. Jawanna has an incredible ability to use her artistic and scientific talents to communicate deep truths about the world around us.

Jawanna will be leading “Telling Faith Stories Through the Arts” that will explore how we can express deep truths through artistic projects. No artistic abilities needed!

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