You might have noticed something different about this year’s summer calendar; regular Wednesday night gatherings. In years past we’ve not met on Wednesday nights in the summer due to all the travel people seem to take. Makes sense, but this year we’re trying something new. Every Wednesday night in June and July we’ll gather for a meal and learning for children, youth, and adults. The best part is that we’ll be outside at Scroggins Park. Specifically, in the field behind 139 Scroggins Park Drive.

Why? First, Wednesday nights are great! It will be delightful having a regular time to share life with whoever is in town throughout the Summer. Second, by holding Wednesday nights a Scroggins it will be more accessible for our friends from Reading Camp, Free Laundry Days, and anyone else who lives in the apartments right around there. It’s a great opportunity for us to eat, play, and learn with neighbors who we don’t normally get a chance to spend time with. Finally, by holding consistent Wednesday nights over several weeks instead of all-at-once events we are creating an environment for deeper relationship building and habit forming within our current community and for any friends that choose to join us.

So, what does it look like? Every Wednesday night in June and July we will meet at Scroggins Park at 6 PM for a hamburger/hotdog grill meal. Then at 6:30 kids, youth, and adults will split up for age-appropriate lessons and activities exploring the Bible until 7:00. So, exactly like our current Wednesday nights, just outside and a bit later!

How can you be a part of this spectacular time? Easy, show up. Bring yourself, your kids, your friends, even grandkids and participate in the meal and classes. Additionally, you can talk to William about helping grill and Amanda about helping with the kids. Most importantly, while you’re there you can show the love and hospitality that Faith is known for.

Continuing Wednesday nights through the summer and holding them outside at Scroggins is definitely something new for us. We aren’t sure how this adventure will play out or what adjustments we might need to make along the way, but are so excited about the potential fruit that can come from this. Wednesday nights are already incredible spaces for love and discipleship, so might as well share them and the love that comes with them beyond our walls. That is our mission after all.

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