Vacation Bible School

VBS 2020: Be the Light

Choose Your Own Adventure!

This summer we traveled the world and shined God’s light along the way! Our hope is in the Light of God. When we follow Jesus, he lights our path and guides us everyday.

Theme Verse 

“Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”  – John 8:12

Each Monday the children received an adventure box packed with Bible stories, amazing crafts, exciting games, and mind-blowing hands-on experiments. They learned about a magical place of light in different countries around the world each week…and got a stamp in their passport! Then every Monday night, Pastor Amanda led a live devotion on Facebook. Click on the button below to see a little bit of this summer’s adventure!

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As a final project, the children made light sculptures! On Sunday, August 2, we had a drive-through art exhibit the showcase their masterpieces. Click the button below to watch a virtual tour of the gallery!

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