Faith Baptist Church
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
We are a family of faith, sharing God's love in a spirit of hope.
Faith Baptist Church is a nurturing fellowship of caring believers.  We have a number of distinctive ministries that reach the world with the love of Christ.  Our church is young by church standards (over 53 years old) and this creates an atmosphere of freedom and exploration.

We are a traditional, yet progressive, Baptist Church.  We believe each believer is free to read the scriptures for ourselves under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that each local church should be free to serve God as they feel led.  We believe that Christians have a direct and personal relationship with God.  We believe that our primary allegiance is to the Kingdom of God and that the kingdoms of this world are not to interfere with the work that God has given us.  We believe that God can work in the lives of all individuals, whether male or female, and that the ministry is open to any who would hear God’s call.  We support the Baptist World Alliance, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - Kentucky, Baptists Today, Georgetown College and the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.

Our church has a tremendous commitment to missions, both local and international.  We host a free pediatric clinic, a baby shower for expecting mothers in Owsley County, and seasonal ministry efforts.  Faith partners with the Ogan people in Indonesia, supporting a full time dentist, water purification efforts and a family working in agricultural evangelism.  We have entered into a partnership with the EEAM church in Marakesh, Morocco.

The center of our life together in the community of Faith is our 11 o’clock worship service.  We offer a traditional service with a variety of creative moments.  Sermons are focused on the scripture and its intersection with day-to-day life.  Opportunities for learning abound whether through Sunday School, Wednesday evenings, or other special opportunities.

Come and experience Faith.  You will find a community of healing and trust.  We have built our church on the foundation of Christ and the pillars of faith, love and hope.  It is a special and unique fellowship.