Faith Baptist Church
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
We are a family of faith, sharing God's love in a spirit of hope.
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Online Giving Instructions

Step 1.  Click the Online Giving icon on the homepage. 

Step 2.  You will be redirected to Access ACS. Enter the gift amount to the desired fund, email address, and continue.

Step 3.  Either choose to create an account or continue as a guest.

Step 4.  Confirm gift amount, enter payment details, and click “Give.”

Step 5.  View confirmation receipt.

Step 6.  An email receipt will automatically be sent to your email address.


Need a little EXTRA help? 

Follow these detailed instructions.

Note:  After completion, a receipt can be seen on the following screen and one will be sent to your email address.  If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Jo at 502-863-1537 Ext. 24.

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