Faith Baptist Church
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
We are a family of faith, sharing God's love in a spirit of hope.

Small Groups




Prayer Meeting & Bible Study  (led by Bob Fox)

Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

This time focuses on a study led by Bob Fox.
Meeting time:  Each Wednesday evening after the Prayer Meeting, 6:15pm-7pm
Location:  RA (Reception Area)

Glory Bound  (led by Willow Hambrick)
Glory Bound is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, but is truly ecumenical in vision and membership.  Since 2005, women have gathered for mid-week fellowship, theophanies, and prayer support.  Book discussions, faith-sharing, summer book talks, and occasional retreats are all part of the Glory Bound experience, all stirred by the power of the Holy Spirit and undergirded by the truth of Scripture.  Willow Hambrick serves as discussion leader, and the priesthood of each believer grants insight and credibility to all.  Come join us!  We need to enlarge our revelation with yours as we live out our motto: "To God be the Glory."
Meeting time:   Each Wednesday evening, 7-8pm
Location:   Hambrick Sunday School classroom off the FLC

Table Talk  (co-leaders, Elizabeth Sands-Wise & Lori Taylor)
Table Talk 

Meet us at the table!

Table Talk is a women's small group, formerly called "Mom Talk," that gathers to share prayer concerns/praises, prayer time, fellowship, and bible study and to grow together in the love of Christ.
We are currently seeking our next study and and will begin again with discussion this Fall.   Join us then for a time of fellowship, prayer, and table talk.  Women of all ages are welcome.
Meeting time:  Each Wednesday evening, 6-7pm
Location:  Kai classroom off the FLC

IF:Gathering 2017

Faith Baptist Church Will Host IF:Gathering for Georgetown Area!

"At IF:Gathering 2017, we’ll look at one of the most influential generations that have ever lived — the early church. The way God moved through them was simple and pure. We believe they are the model we need right now. Our dream is that we would experience the power of God as He does big things through simple acts of faith. That we live unified, surrendered to God, not just in our minds and in our theology, but also in our daily lives. Our hope is that we would participate with the Spirit of God and see Him go forth in our generation in a most powerful way."   
--Jennie Allen & IF Team
For more information about the event, please visit

Walk/Run Group (led by Carrie Abner)
This group is open to all who are wanting to get moving!  The group will begin with a short devotion and time of prayer.  The remaining time will be spent walking or running in groups or pairs.  Each person will be able and encouraged to exercise at his or her own pace.
Meeting time:  TBD
Location: TBD

 Youth Small Group  (led by Sharon Felton)
Sharon Felton leads a group that looks at gifts and talents and finding God’s desire for our lives.  
Contact Sharon for details.
Meeting time: Each Wednesday evening, 6-7pm
Location: FLC